How Much Does a Website Cost?

You need a new website and are wondering how much does it cost? You may already be aware that the cost of a website primarily depends on your requirements. A larger website with all the bells and whistles will cost more than a small simple website. Furthermore, website design cost is dependent on whether you build it yourself or hire a professional web designer.

Know Website Cost Options

Are you looking to keep the website cost down? If so, then read on. Obviously, the most affordable option is to build your website yourself using a website builder. However, websites created with website builders have limited customization options and missing key search engine optimization functionality. If you are a technical novice, it will be worthwhile for you to hire a professional web design company that can create a website for you that looks good on all devices, is scalable, is search engine friendly and generates leads. Although, initially designing your own website may be less costly than hiring a web developer, in the long run hiring a professional web designer or web developer will be more effective.

DIY Website Cost

When you need to keep the website cost low, you opt for designing your website using a website builder, then the website cost could range approximately from $7 to $40 monthly ($84 to $360 per annum) depending upon the size and functionality of the website. In addition you will have to pay for a Domain name ($20 and more depending upon the name you choose), SSL certificate ($95 or more depending upon the SSL certificate option you select). Click here to see website builder options.

Professional Website Cost

If you choose to hire a professional web design company, they can help you with choosing your domain name. Depending upon the skill level of the web designer, the website will be search engine friendly, scalable and responsive (mobile friendly). Once the website is developed there will be options for search engine optimization. The cost of a basic website may range anywhere from $1,500 and more depending upon the functionality and size of the website. There will be customary additional charges for buying a Domain name ($20 and more depending upon the name you choose), Hosting ($25 or more a month depending on the option you choose, SSL certificate ($95 or more depending upon the SSL certificate option you select).

Pros and Cons of using Website Builder

Is keeping the website cost down worth it? Building your website with a website builder is one way to keep the website cost low. However, this is the way to go if you are not concerned about customization and search engine options. Here are some issues with using website builders:

  • Limited customization options
  • Limited search engine options
  • Limited number of templates
  • Limited support or no support
  • Limit to number of pages
  • Investment of your time
  • Price goes higher if you have more pages
  • eCommerce websites with website builders are quite pricy if you have many items.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Web Designer

You need to choose the right method for you. Hiring a professional web designer will cost you more money upfront but compared to what you will achieve will be worth it.

Why A Professional Web Designer?

Here are some benefits for hiring a professional web developer to build your custom website:

  • It takes the technical hassle out of your hands
  • Your website be customized for your target market and your brand
  • Your website will be search engine friendly and generate leads for you
  • The website will be responsive and look good on all devices
  • The website sill be scalable
  • Your website can have unlimited pages without hosting costs going up
  • Your custom website can have unlimited functionality
  • You can add custom lead generation forms
  • The web design professionals will help you with choosing your domain, set up your hosting and SSL while you concentrate on your business (Please note it is essential you get a relevant domain that represents your business.)
  • Maintenance and support will be provided for your website so that your website is never stale and does not have any technical problems with changing technologies
  • Backups will be provided for your website so that you do not lead any data
  • Your website will be protected against malware

Website Cost

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