Our Website Design Process in 10 Steps

Our website design process is simple. We know you are taking care of business and need a hassle-free experience when building a website. We are here to help you. While you take care of your business we will take care of your website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Website Design Process – Step 1

It all starts with a phone call. You contact us and we provide a free consultation and give you a website quote right away. We talk to you about your goals and target audience.

Website Design Process – Step 2: Sign up to Get a Website from Us

When you sign up for a website with us we will

Website Design Process – Step 3: Website Information

The second step for the website process involves a little amount of work from you. We will ask you for the following:

  • Samples of website that you like so that we get to know your taste
  • Your color preferences

Website Design Process – Step 4: Website Content

Let’s proceed to the next website design process step.

  • We will  partner with you to identify information we will need for your your target audience. We will perform keyword research so that your content is search engine friendly
  • We will also discuss the logo and images for the website.

Website Design Process – Step 5: Social Media Links

The next website design process step is optional.

  • If you have social media sites, you can give us the links. If you don’t have them we can take care of them

Website Design Process – Step 6: Prototype Website Design

This is the fun part of the website design process. We will create a prototype website design for you. You will review the design and provide your feedback. Once the prototype is approved we will create the rest of the pages for you.

Website Design Process – Step 7: Website Testing

Now that the website is designed we can start testing it. We will test your lead generation forms. We will make sure all links work as expected.

Website Design Process – Step 8: Website Launch

This is a big day for you. The website is designed and tested and we will launch it.

Website Design Process – Step 9: SEO Optimization

Now that the website is launched you will need it optimized for SEO. We will begin with the following:

  • Install SEO plugin
  • Set up a website sitemap
  • Set up your meta tags, site map and submit it to search engines
  • Create your local listing

Website Design Process – Step 9: On Going Maintenance and SEO

Your website is launched and has the basic SEO functionalities. However, you do not want a static website. You want to keep optimizing it and keep adding more services, photos, blogs, etc. We will provide ongoing web maintenance and SEO.

Website Design Process – Step 10: Advertising & Email Marketing

You can now further grow your business. We can help you with Google, Bing and Facebook Advertising and help you with email marketing.

Website Design Process

Website Design Process

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