How to Create a Restaurant Web Design?

What are the secret ingredients to create that perfect restaurant web design? Whether is it a new restaurant, a neighborhood hang out, or you’re a long-standing mom and pop eatery, people will search online for your restaurant.

Every restaurant website is unique because every restaurant has a different set of goals. However, every restaurant has the same objective, that is to acquire more customers.

Restaurant Web Design Essentials

When your potential customers come to your website they should be able to easily find the information they are looking for. Some of the basic information a restaurant website should have is:

  1. Location with a map and directions
  2. Menu
  3. Hours of operation
  4. Phone number
  5. Customer reviews
  6. Photos of food served
  7. Booking information

Designing your Restaurant Website

Know Your Clientele

When considering a design for your website think of your clientele. For example, a high-end restaurant will have a different tone than a pizza joint or the local bar.


Before consumers visit a restaurant they generally look at the menu. Include prices in the menu and with ingredient details. If possible, add calorie information for the health conscious.

High Quality Photos

Your food pictures should be beautiful and inviting that will make your consumers hungry.

Phone Number

It is important to have the restaurant phone number at a visible location on your website so users can contact you.

Location and Hours of Operations

Customers who visit your restaurant will want to know the location and hours of operation.

Information about catering and special events

If you offer catering and have special events give details on the website.

Booking Information

Have a form or booking service so that customers can book a table if required.

Restaurant Web Design

Web Design Fairfax is proud to offer website design for Restaurants. We have created several web designs for restaurants throughout Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. We know that image matters and that is why our restaurant websites all have distinctive designs that create impact. If you’d like to speak with a web design specialist, contact us at 800-657-5432 or fill out our contact form.

What is needed for a successful Restaurant Website Design? When you own a restaurant, you should be aware that a majority of your customers use online services to a book table, order food, and review your website primarily to see what’s in the menu. If you don’t have a website yet or your existing website is not performing well then you are in the right place. We design website for restaurants of all size. We make your restaurant website unique, functional and searchable.

What is the goal for a Restaurant Website Design? The main goal of the restaurant website is to present their food in the most artistically possible way. There is no better thing to do than show beautiful images of the food. Also a restaurant website needs to be clean and easy to navigate so user will be able to find information very quickly. Therefore it is very important to have a perfectly designed and developed website that can attract more customers.

Why hire us for your Restaurant Website Design? Web Design Fairfax has built a reputation for creating spectacular restaurant websites. Whether you are a fast food restaurant or an exclusive restaurant we can help you. Please contact us at 800-657-5432 for a quote.

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